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Final Grading and Landscaping

As the homeowner, it is your responsibility to:

  • request a copy of the signed lot grade certificate/deposit refund form from your builder. (Once you have confirmation that your lot grading has been certified, you can proceed with your finished landscaping. The City does not have to provide any inspections before you complete this work.)
  • complete the final grading and placement of topsoil and sod (check the contract between you and your builder to confirm who is responsible for this part of the work).
  • maintain the lot grades established by the Lot Grade Plan.

If you have any questions regarding the substantial grading of your property, either contact your builder (unless you were the building permit applicant) or the surveyor who provided the lot grade certification.

If your property has been recently certified and you have questions about your grading or are having some drainage problems, contact your builder or surveyor.

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