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Residential Lot Grading |  Lot Grading By-Law | Link Share

It is important to grade your lot so that water flows away from your house but does not affect neighbouring properties.

Winnipeg City | Waterandwaste / Drainageflooding

As the property owner, you are responsible for your lot grading. You and your builder should read the City of Winnipeg Lot Grading By-Law before:

Winnipeg City | Waterandwaste / Drainageflooding
  • deciding on the grading for a new house, or
  • making changes to existing grading.
Surface drainage problems

Improper lot grading can cause poor surface drainage. Runoff from heavy rain or melting snow can result in:

  • standing water,
  • flooding,
  • foundation settlement or damage, or
  • basement dampness.

Direct surface drainage away from your foundation and especially from window wells.

Winnipeg City | Waterandwaste / Drainageflooding

For Latest Info on Lot Grading by City By-Laws Please check: https://legacy.winnipeg.ca/waterandwaste/drainageflooding/lotGrading/default.stm


Winnipeg City. (n.d.). Residential lot grading. Retrieved from https://legacy.winnipeg.ca/waterandwaste/drainageflooding/lotGrading/default.stm

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